Delicious Crete

The road to our home in the village of Treis Ekklisies, Crete is one in a trillion and lends views that can only be seen from a general aviation airplane. The road is being blacktopped, but, nonetheless, vertigo is amplified a thousand fold on this trek down the mountainside. Mark, being the aviator that he is, loved it. Me….well… I could have been sick more than once. I do not know what the elevation difference is, but when I have time, I’ll look it up. But, according to GPS, it takes 50 minutes to go ten miles. The owner of the home where we are staying…markets the region this way: Where the World Ends and Time Stops…. and that could not be more true! This is the most southern point of Europe.

George’s father in law and Anna’s father. George and Anna own the apartment we inhabited in Tris Ekklissies, Crete. He is a music teacher in Pirgos and runs a centuries old Olive Tree Farm where everything is all natural.

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